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In addition to a very strong focus on optimizing dietary nutrition, LFC Nutrition focuses on a wide variety of others ways that we are also nourished on our lives, including community building.  

When I interact with my clients, I seek to understand them and know them because that helps me to better partner with them to help contribute to their optimal nutritional guidance.

I seek to understand and learn about people, in general.

Engaging with others is a rich and nourishing experience.

In consultation with my clients I have one level of engagement with them, as I provide my services and they provide their money.

How much more emotionally rich would the exchange be, to part of a barter, after I should them my rich and nuanced world of nutrition - my central life's passion - that they show me some part of their rich life engagements!

I have some good news and some bad news:
  • When this works, this really works great, and is very life enhancing!
  • However, I need so little in my life right now, that a match, for our bartering services is not easy to find.

Here are some possibilities:

  • In general, I could use someone to babysit me when I do my computer work - I am awkward and inefficient - and young folks that I have contact with often give me simple hacks to be more efficient with my time! 
  • And help with input, organization, and matching the organization of my computer files with my paper files is often a valuable thing for me.  
  • I am not crazy about cleaning services or professional cleaners - I have not yet found one who is not dedicated to his way of doing things with  toxic cleaning solutions.  I am interested in someone who I can collaborate together with and create a simple sustainable non-toxic cleaning routine.   I show you new ways to eat lemons and you show me new ways to clean with lemon!  Shall we create a document, together, for your business and mine about non-toxic cleaning solutions?
  • Show me something in this world which is enriching, enlarging, nourishing and/or nurturing - and we can talk about that as a possible barter item. 
  • OK, I know that this is a weird one.  Probably unexpected.  I wanted to learn how to play the violin when I was 10 but I was "forced" into playing the trumpet instead - which just wasn't a fit.  I have the notion to learn, now, how to play the violin - just a little - in my older age - as part of my bucket list!  Ideally, by someone who has taught adults before and teaches with broad concepts in addition to the necessary details.