Tenant/Manager - READING imageTenant/Manager - READING image
You are living here,  AND you are managing the AirBnB, and getting the Manager's cut of that.

    Living/Earning/Learning Opportunity
                               for a
Bold, Practical, Health-and-Nutrition Advocate

  • Full-Time living in a beautiful 1911 Reading, PA home – with low Reading rent
  • Part-Time Manager of AirBnB, on property – good PT income
  • A Home Office space for your health practice – ideal for a massage therapist or other health practitioner
Partner with a licensed Nutritionist to brainstorm and implement the transition of a traditional AirBnB into a destination Health Home Tourism (HHT) location.

I am setting up the home so that the HHT-Reading guests will have easy access to a wide variety of health-building, learning and experiential lifestyle options, to try during their stay.

If you are an action-oriented people-person, excited and ready to become a health visionary, by collaborating in the creation of a new genre of tourism, focused on creating greater health, drop me a line!

Amanda Buxbaum, MS, CNS, LDN